A showcase of work we have done.

We pride ourselves in our attentiveness to our customers needs, desires, budget, capabilities, environmental
footprint, and our quality of workmanship. Doing all of these is what sets us apart from the rest.
We want what’s best for our customers, and we often say “we aren’t in the dock business, we are in the customer service business.”
We do everything shoreline related! From shoreline decks, ramps, docks, swimrafts, shoreline restoration, small structures, railings, water toys and ladders and everything in between. We also supply dock accessories and now staining services. Seasonal dock storages/ installs and repairs is another huge part of our business, we don’t discriminate against who you bought your dock from. We will service all makes and styles as long as we have the resources available.

What We Are Best At



custom floating docks, ramps and pole docks


custom decks, steel frame,
wood frame, railings, and stairs


dock repairs, and seasonal storage

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